Superb Melodic punk band

Grassroots British Punk Rock at it’s absolute finest! The High and Mighty, album number two from The Cut Ups is an unbridled joy from start to finish. Mining the same ramshackle riffs and punk rock poetry as Brit-punk icons Snuff, it crackles with white hot energy and passion. Frontman Jon Curtis has a disaffected Billy Bragg sneer and seems to share the Essex songwriter’s warm songwriting and folky tendencies. Intelligent, inspirational and socially aware; it’s in the melding of this thoughtful – though often simplistic, heartfelt lyricism and bouncy punk rhythms where The High and Mighty really soars. The DIY punk scene is awash with good intentions: this is the greatest advert for it for some time.....

Mark Griffiths - Kerrang....

The CUT UPS are:

Jon Shoe - guitar/vocals
Rez - drums
Ted - guitar
Jack - bass*

*Adam Searle played bass in the early lineup of the Cut Ups, and on the first LP Paris Street In Ruins