Beautiful lofi pop in the vein of Sigur Ros

Sometimes capitalising on your difference can be a masterstroke. Beginning your debut release with a cello solo is a daring (not to mention very beautiful) move in today's fickle music market, but with Exeter's Tyler it can only pay off. The band have only been playing a year, but listening to the two tracks here it feels like a lifetime of experience is bleeding out of the speakers. If you want a quick comparison, then the distorted post-rock symphonies of Mogwai will do, although the sombre ghosts of Slint, Rachels, My Bloody Valentine and some mysterious rock factor-X all loom in the mix. The whole thing might be under 10 minutes in length, but that just gives you an excuse to play it again and again. A more delicate, exquisite and powerful release you'll be hard pressed to hear this year.

Tyler were:

Dan Reeves - Vocals
Hannah Asprey - Cello
Craig Murray - Guitar
Ben Woodhouse - Bass*
Chris Eaglen - Drums

*Daisy Howl Collins played bass in the first lineup, and on the 'Liar' EP