A trio from Exeter/Brighton, An Emergency are a punk-rock act sure to appeal to fans of Hot Snakes and Les Savy Fav.



Where past work has writhed and spat, here muscles are flexed and teeth bared; submissive this punk noise most certainly is not. It comes at you from all corners – guitar lines hypnotising (no bass, since you asked – it’s not needed for tracks this venomous) before drums pound against the side of your skull. Sometimes it even expands, splitting its restrictive seams and growing in atmosphere, in reach – ‘Let’s Not Forgotten’ is such a moment, ‘Non Stop Movement, Non Stop Force’ another.

But mostly, this is punk that snarls, that demands you to take flight to it or else it’ll have your jugular. It’s not evil, not inherently; it’s just that the strings all sound blood-soaked, the skins splashing crimson – passion manifested, made somehow more real than before. It’s Hot Snakes and Sonic Youth, fired-up kids and frustrations breaking the surface. It’s twitchy and tight, intricate and detailed; yet bombastic when bombast is necessary, screaming of methodology when such a course of action is the only option.

Effortlessly accessible, this mighty racket should have enjoyed exposure to a great many more ears than it’s managed; for reasons beyond many a critic, there’s truly little rhyme nor reason behind what does and what doesn’t break through in any given year. Sure, ‘Wrecked Angles’ has its side-steps, its blind-sides; it plays it straight only to spin on a penny and head off in some new direction while your eyes are closed. But at no point does it over do its highs, leaving the converted wanting more.

More that won’t come. So best make the best of what’s here, now. ‘Wrecked Angles’ is what post-punk can be when songs are written without thought of deliberately fitting a post-punk mould: out of step with conventions but in touch enough with tradition to echo greats while retaining a distinct originality. If you’ve ever loved to lose yourself in a maelstrom of frenzied guitars and yelped vocals, get this and sweat yourself thin.